For mobile operators, Location Based Services (LBS) marketing is an unmet promise.

The opportunity is huge.  LBS based revenues are expected to reach 34.8 billion Euros  by 2020,  according to Swedish research firm Berg Insight, with compound annual growth forecast at over 20 percent. But current solutions have given the giant technology players like Google, Facebook and Apple an easy advantage, and prevented operators from monetizing the lucrative new LBS revenues – like targeted advertising – in their own backyards.

BUT WHAT IF there was a better way – a novel approach to LBS Marketing that would reach more people, and give operators the decisive technical advantage over the giants?

How the Giants Captured LBS Marketing

LBS marketing is currently based on software-based Geo-fencing technology to locate mobile users. Using the global positioning system (GPS), Geo-fencing solutions are installed as components within proprietary applications on the end-user device. When the user crosses a geographical boundary that was pre-defined in the Geo-fencing solution, an event is triggered and sent from the application to the LBS marketing back-end.

Application-dependence is the reason the why the Giants are in control.  Geo-fencing is performed as part of the mobile operating system services or within highly popular browsers and social media platforms.

This built-in dependence is also a formidable barrier for mobile operators, with big name players already capturing 60 percent of application-based LBS revenues worldwide (according to the Berg Insight report).

Geo-Fencing Works When:


Location based SMS  Notifications For Everyone with Saguna Open-RAN MEC Platform


Saguna Open-RAN is an advanced MEC platform that brings cloud-computing to the mobile network radio edge and enterprise small cells.  Combining low-latency broadband delivery together with user and location awareness, and preserving user mobility and core network functionality, Open-RAN significantly expands LBS opportunities for mobile operators.

The shopping mall scenario, illustrated in the short video clip, is an excellent example of LBS business potential.  Using small cells installed throughout the facility, the mobile operator identifies a cell phone user as they enter the mall, and then sends location-aware retailer information and subscriber-aware offers as the user enters a specific store.

  • Ubiquitous, reaching all potential customers (even feature phones)

  • App- independant, with no device-side support required

  • Can be available to brands of all sizes

  • Enabled by mobile operators


Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) offers a new approach to LBS marketing – one that gives mobile operators a strategic advantage and offers ubiquitous coverage to everyone, everywhere (even feature phone users).

Now, mobile operators can run MEC-based LBS marketing solutions on-premises in shopping centers, exhibition areas and other large venues.  Any user entering the location can receive targeted SMS notifications.

No GPS information or smartphone applications are needed, since the MEC platform user and location-aware.  Even feature phones receive the SMS-based notifications.


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