How Vulnerable is your mobile network to cyber attacks? More precisely, how vulnerable are your profits to catastrophic downtime?

Mobile operators are under tremendous business pressure today, facing declining revenue per subscriber as their operating and capital outlays continue to multiply.  The last thing a mobile needs is a DDoS attack. However, cyber-attacks are increasing dramatically, and mobile networks are key targets for hackers bent on disrupting service.

The October 2016 Dyn DNS cyber-attack, for example, that caused extended outages for dozens of major Internet sites and services, is believed to have been orchestrated using countless of IoT devices (including devices like routers, webcams and DVRs) infected with botnets.

Mobile Devices are the New Trojan Horses

The Dyn attack is only one example. Mobile devices – and especially IoT devices – serve as an ideal entry point for malware, botnets and other network security risks. In fact, according to McAfee 2016 report, the total mobile malware is constantly on the rise.

Total Mobile Malware

Extending the Perimeter with MEC : Away from the Core, Closer to the Source

Cyber defense methods are constantly evolving. However, until now, mobile network security solutions have been deployed in the Core network making it a single point of failure for the entire mobile network.  Increasingly, this level of protection is proving ineffective and costly.

With the standardization of Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) it is possible to extend the defense perimeter away from the mobile core and closer to the attack source. By deploying MEC-based cyber security, mobile operators can reduce the risk of network-wide service interruption and block upstream malware traffic.

Cyber Security Solutions Based on Saguna Open-RAN MEC Platform

  • Detect and eliminate unwanted traffic close to its source, before it travels to Core elements

  • Cut off DDoS attacks before they become volumetric

  • Identify the source of malicious mobile traffic

  • Alert the network with real-time anomaly and attack information
  • Deploy a scalable, distributed defense infrastructure

  • Address new challenges that will arise from the rapidly scaling IoT


Saguna vEdge is a virtualized MEC platform that resides close to the mobile traffic entry point, the ideal location to protect the Mobile network core. By operating a cyber security MEC application, Saguna offers mobile operators a powerful tool  for cyber warfare.

With Saguna Open-RAN you can can protect your network, your services and your subscribers. The MEC platform effectively addresses security challenges like malware and DDoS attacks with unmatched scalable-design and performance advantages.


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