Taking Full Advantage of the 5G Network

Many top mobile companies boast about their different product lines having 5G. Compared to 4G, the average phone owner may not understand or even notice the difference unless mobile network operators take further steps and addMulti-access Edge Computing (MEC).

The Current State of MEC Technology

MEC brings cloud computing and IT services together in a single environment near the edge of the network.

Today, many solutions build a MEC solution by combining individual elements like a vSwitch, vRouter, virtual Loadbalancer, vNAT, vUPF, and a few more in a single virtual environment. This method makes each and every data packet going through the forwarding plane pick up lots of processing latency.  MEC’s entire purpose is to reduce latency and jitters, rendering the above method completely counterproductive.

Saguna’s new vEdge+ is a game-changer in MEC technology

At Saguna, we decided to go a different route. This February, we will be announcing a groundbreaking new integrated software that cuts through the latency and offers businesses even more reliability in the 5G network. The new vEdge+ integrates all the MEC software components and the 5G UPF into a single software image or stack.

Think of a stack as a photoshopped image. You create multiple layers of the image, editing the color balance, saturation, and hue. You crop it and add a border, along with your company’s logo. In the end, you have five, maybe seven layers. By compressing the picture, you still keep all those edits, but it is a single image that reflects the work you did instead of several layers. All data processing is collected in a single CPU context by integrating all these discrete elements into this single stack. Using this method, we have streamlined the latency process to the bare minimum of less than a few microseconds while increasing the reliability and reducing the jitter.

Saguna New vEdge+ is a Game-Changer in MEC ROI

Saguna’s innovative and revolutionary software is fully compliant with ETSI MEC and 3GPP standards. vEdge+ brings a new level of economic efficiency. By saving latency on packet processing, we are saving CPU and Memory access cycles. The new vEdge+ requires much less hardware to deliver the same performance, allowing MEC + 5G UPF to reduce its size from several servers into less than a single server without additional peripheral switches or routers. The vEdge+ is ready to be deployed at even the network’s farthest edges, bringing new monetization opportunities with a minimal total cost of ownership.

Saguna is a pioneer in edge cloud computing. Contact us today to find out more.


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