Using Drone Swarms With Edge Computing and 5G for Search and Rescue Missions

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New technology is constantly revamping the way we do things. After all, these advancements are not a goal in and of themselves – they should always serve real, human needs. One of the areas that are in grave need of technological advancements are search and rescue missions. Whether they’re conducted for civilian or military purposes, […]

MEC as Key to Delivering 5G Embedded Services

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As we move closer to the 5G implementation, telecom service providers have two options: non-standalone (NSA) and standalone (SA) 5G networks. With NSAs, service providers can build on top of their existing 4G architecture. By leveraging their infrastructure, they will be able to roll out high-speed connectivity to users with 5G devices. This is a […]

5G edge monitoring and analytics

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Mobile network operators (MNO) are transitioning their existing 4G networks into the 5G network. This transition requires a massive investment in time and capital. New monitoring and analytics are needed to ensure these investments deliver on the promise of 5G. Unlike 4G networks that mainly had two monolithic components: Radio Access Network (RAN) that was […]

Taking Full Advantage of the 5G Network

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Many top mobile companies boast about their different product lines having 5G. Compared to 4G, the average phone owner may not understand or even notice the difference unless mobile network operators take further steps and addMulti-access Edge Computing (MEC). The Current State of MEC Technology MEC brings cloud computing and IT services together in a […]

Cyber Security Considerations for the Edge-Cloud (Part 2)

In Part 1, we discussed possible sources of cyber-attacks on the edge-cloud network. With the advent of edge and 5G technology and the more prominent use of IoT devices in our homes and cities, cybersecurity is more important than ever. In this article, we will see which design principles can be implemented at the core of […]

Cyber Security Considerations for the Edge-Cloud (Part 1)

Edge computing and local data storage offer a host of benefits to end-users and enterprises alike. Combined with the power of 5G, this technology can usher in a whole new class of applications. The characteristics of edge computing also support a wider implementation of IoT devices. However, edge servers and edge-based devices and applications are […]

Using 5G and Edge Computing to Optimize Crane Operations

When thinking about edge computing and 5G applications, we immediately think of cool AR navigation systems or smart homes and cities. But, for any city to exist, it must be built first, brick and mortar. The global construction industry constitutes 15% of the global GDP and is only set to grow in the future. It’s […]

Using Edge Computing for Easy Indoor Navigation

Imagine this: you’re wandering around a huge shopping mall, looking for that one, specific shop, and you only have 15 minutes to find it. Not an easy task, right? Big airports can also be a nightmare, and who can ever remember where they parked in a huge parking lot? GPS-based indoor navigation often fails. A […]

Edge computing – a new frontier for development

With the rollout of 5G networks and an increasing number of companies opting to develop edge computing services and devices, it’s becoming clear that edge computing will become a new platform for development. Bill Gates famously said that a company creates a platform once the value of the people using it exceeds the value of […]

How next-generation technologies are driving Industry 4.0

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Empowering the fourth industrial revolution with smart communication technologies The fourth industrial revolution is underway, and it’s transforming the world of production and manufacturing. Lights-out manufacturing, in which factories can function with little or no human supervision, is helping industry become safer and more sustainable. Connected systems on production floors are being used to optimize […]