The 4 Most Common Misconceptions About Edge Computing

Edge computing has generated quite a lot of buzz recently, with good reason. When implemented, edge computing reduces latency, improves data security, removes bandwidth pressure, and lowers the data transmission costs. In simple terms, edge computing brings the network, data storage, and computing closer to the end-user. It can have many applications and could completely […]

21st-century Smart Cities with 5G and Edge Computing

According to the United Nations, the urban population worldwide will reach 68% by 2050. With population density increasing, cities are presented with difficult infrastructural challenges such as security threats, crowd and traffic management, and operational efficacy. These problems could be resolved using smart city solutions and increased automatization and connection. Although some cities are becoming […]

How next-generation technologies are driving Industry 4.0

Blogs-How next-generation technologies are driving Industry 4.0

Empowering the fourth industrial revolution with smart communication technologies The fourth industrial revolution is underway, and it’s transforming the world of production and manufacturing. Lights-out manufacturing, in which factories can function with little or no human supervision, is helping industry become safer and more sustainable. Connected systems on production floors are being used to optimize […]

Multi-access Edge Computing is redefining social gaming

Keeping players engaged during quarantine with edge computing-enabled social gaming. With much of the world’s population facing stay-at-home orders or recommendations in the wake of Covid-19, many industries need to rethink how they deliver value to their customers. One of the lesser-known casualties of the pandemic is social gaming, which uses augmented or virtual reality […]

Why does a flying COW need edge computing?

In the aftermath of hurricane Maria, the flying Cell On Wings (COW) was deployed in Puerto Rico. This was AT&T’s first official deployment of the flying COW. The hurricane left Puerto Rico’s communication infrastructure in shambles. As cleanup efforts got underway, emergency services and the local population needed connectivity more than ever. When nature strikes, getting communication […]

A Platform for Mobile Edge Computing – White Paper from AWS, HPE & Saguna

What’s the “killer app”? A couple of years ago, this was a typical question in discussions about Mobile Edge Computing (MEC).  Today, things are changing. Edge Computing is gaining momentum across the industry with a proliferation of MEC use cases. Services targeted by MEC providers include initiatives like AT&T MEC AR, VR Test Zone,  Vodafone, AWS & Saguna’s […]

Drone control

Dance of Drones – a demonstration of autonomous logistics over mobile networks, enabled by MEC @ BT Innovation2017 Guest blog post by Andy Jones Last week I spent a couple of days at BT Innovation Week – a yearly event in which the UK operator showcases its latest communication research and innovations. Throughout the week, […]