How to meet the private & public enterprise connectivity needs in the age of Industry 4.0 with Multi-access Edge Computing

The explosion of IoT is driving investments in a wide range of innovative applications, connecting devices with IT systems to increase productivity, reducing costs and improving security and safety. The deployment of industrial IoT applications is the main enabler of the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), which is set to disrupt manufacturing, energy, oil & gas, mining, logistics & transport and other industries more.

  • Securing private data and sensitive communication locally.
  • Supporting a wide variety of IoT devices (mobile, battery operated etc).
  • Providing connectivity coverage indoors, outdoors and sometimes behind walls.
  • Handling high volume video and/or messages streams
  • Offering public network connectivity to employees and visitors
  • Deploying a cost effective solution in terms of capital and operating expenses.

When examining the two prevalent wireless connectivity technologies for enterprises, namely WiFi and Private LTE, both are unable to fully meet the requirements. For example, WiFi does not have a low-power mode for connecting baterry operated devices. It also does not provide good outdoor coverage. Private LTE, on the other hand, causes severe interference to public mobile networks. It is also a very costly solution in terms of both CAPEX and OPEX.

Motivated by the lack of a single, holistic connectivity solution that combines the functionality and reliability of LTE with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of WiFi, Saguna offers a novel edge-computing solution for IIoT and Industry4.0 applications. The solution, called Hybrid Private-Public Network (HPPN), leverages multi-access edge cloud computing (MEC) to deliver private, local network functionality over the public LTE network.

Saguna HPPN is a virtualized software platform based on the Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) standard, which runs on on standard off-the-shelf servers. The solution is deployed, by the mobile operator, on-site at the enterprise leveraging the LTE network.

Saguna HPPN enables enterprises to control their private data – keeping it secure and on-premise. It benefits from the full array of LTE technologies to effectively support many device types. The solution also ensure that all employees and visitors are able to connect to the public mobile networks.

To learn more about Saguna’s Hybrid Private-Public Network solution, please download our white paper.


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