StarHub and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Bring 5G Edge to Businesses

Singapore, 8 November 2021 – StarHub and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) have teamed up to help enterprises and government clients move time-critical workloads – such as artificial intelligence (AI), automation, data analytics, machine learning (ML), and mission critical communications – nearer to the source or wherever customers require ultra-low latency performance, through a new solution called StarHub 5G Multi-access Edge Computing (5G MEC).

5G MEC unlocks the true ultra-high responsiveness features of 5G. By bringing computing power to the StarHub 5G node closest to customers, data aggregation, processing and analysis can take place within unprecedented single-digit milliseconds – at a fraction of human reaction time. In addition, data is encrypted on 5G MEC, granting customers the speed, security and reliability of local area networking.

With real-time information available in an instant, both people and machines can make critical, in-the-moment decisions. 5G MEC is an attractive offering for enterprises and government clients in latency-sensitive environments, including high-precision manufacturing, autonomous transportation on large campuses, and intelligent robots and cameras with accurate predictive analytics.

With 5G MEC, organisations will be able to avoid the higher cost as well as additional time and effort involved in transmitting machine and sensor data, video streams, and robotic control inputs through multiple networks. Lag is minimised, as there is no longer a need to move massive amounts of data across long distances to and from centralised data centres.

Starting today until March 2022, enterprise customers in Singapore can trial 5G MEC with StarHub. StarHub and HPE are developing an ecosystem of solutions ready for on-site experimentation, including security cameras with analytics, workplace safety with wearables, 3D indoor positioning and wayfinding, Augmented Reality (AR) applications, drones, and robots:

  • Drones with improved camera-imaging and sensors, for real-time site assessments, building facade inspections, and safer search and rescue missions.
  • Autonomous robots for commercial and industry 4.0 use, such as security applications and advanced manufacturing.
  • Video security cameras with real-time analytics and object recognition, for enhanced intrusion detection and reduced false positive rate.
  • Health and safety solution with video analytics and wearables, to detect falls accurately as well as to trigger instant alarms to emergency caregivers.
  • AI scanning and visualisation solution for companies to enable indoor navigation by publishing 3D digital models of real-world interiors and exteriors, without needing human input for modelling.
  • AR solutions for precise wayfinding in large facilities as well as more efficient remote repair and maintenance work.

“The ability to interpret and act on data in real-time has become a crucial pillar for enterprises to compete strongly in the digital-first world. Through our collaboration with HPE, we are introducing a single entry point for enterprises to transform with 5G, no matter the stage of their digital journeys,” said Charlie Chan, Chief, Enterprise Business Group, StarHub. “With thousands of edge sites powering 5G mobile and fixed networks, we are taking the lead to bring the compute, real-time AI and ML analytics, and cloud productivity experiences closer to where our customers need them, be it at their offices or remote sites. As the trusted one-stop ecosystem for cloud and connectivity, customers can come to us to bring their businesses processes and operations to the 5G edge in collaboration with other like-minded technology and digital solution partners.”

“Edge services are a huge opportunity for telcos with the transition from just providing connectivity to offering innovative edge cloud services. Service providers that capture this opportunity will drive greater revenues and will be able to compete successfully against global cloud providers who are targeting this space,” said Chan Kong Hoe, Singapore Managing Director, HPE. “Partnership is in HPE’s DNA and we’re excited to build an ecosystem of innovative applications that run seamlessly on our advanced, scalable and secure MEC solution.”

In conjunction with the launch, StarHub today unveiled its 5G MEC public showcase, which will welcome visitors starting 15 November 2021. Situated at the lobby of StarHub Green till March 2022, the showcase will allow enterprises, government clients, and partners to see the solutions ‘live’ in action and understand how they can be used to achieve better business and operational outcomes.

StarHub’s 5G MEC is powered by HPE’s MEC platform, which is built on industry-standard carrier-grade infrastructure, and can easily be deployed at 5G edge sites, local offices, and on customer premises. HPE’s MEC solution, integrated with Saguna vEdge+ software, provides customers with an end-to-end edge application management platform that can be configured across a multi-vendor, multi-cloud environment.

“We are very pleased to be working alongside HPE on the additional deployment of our vEdge+ MEC with StarHub.  As part of HPE solution, vEdge+ with integrated UPF, sets the pace in the industry, helping a growing number of customers accelerate the deployment of 5G use cases for the next generation of wireless services including ultra-reliable low latency (URLLC) applications. We have full confidence and trust in the HPE leadership offering the best solution and support,” said Ido Gur, Chief Executive Officer, Saguna Networks.

To kickstart a conversation on StarHub’s 5G MEC, please visit StarHub will work to understand enterprises’ business areas to see where data, processing and analytics are best positioned. With this being an as-a-service offering, enterprises can start small and scale up according to their business needs.


Saguna is a pioneer in edge cloud computing, Contact us today to find out more.


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