MWC 2014 Demo: User experience – Monetization – Mobile Network economics

 We have a great demo lined up for MWC 2014.  It is great because it brings to life a few hard-to-capture concepts.

We have created a live mobile network simulation (even if it is a very simplistic model) operating with Saguna CODS. In the demo, you can

  • See the traffic loads across the network and how much bandwidth can be saved
  • Feel the effects of congestion & delays in the network on the user experience
  • Get excited about  the possibilities of a RAN-based open cloud computing platform

Here are the demo details:

User Experience

We all know that congested mobile networks can cause annoying delays, especially when viewing a movie. But you may not realize just how sensitive we are as mobile users. In fact, relatively small network delays can cause a very slow experience.

In our demo, we have a small selection of titles ready to be served directly from our CODS-AN at the RAN or through a congested connection.

You will be able to see the actual numbers: network RTT, packet loss, the amount of time you spend waiting and how many re-buffers you had to endure. At the same time, you will feel the difference between a great user experience and a slow one.

User Experience dem


After seeing the User Experience demo, you will be convinced that we need to reduce the network congestion. I completely agree. However, mobile network expansion is very expensive.

What if I told you that the same platform – Saguna CODS – that provides a great user experience also reduces network congestion? Better yet, if you come by our booth # 5E81, we will show you.

The demo system provides live traffic meters showing the actual traffic passing in various mobile network pipes. Using a mobile client, select a movie to view. Then, stand back and watch the traffic surge across the entire mobile network.

Unless you selected a cached asset, which is served directly from the CODS-AN at the Radio Access.  In this case, you will see huge traffic savings on the transport network.

Optimization demo


Saguna CODS is an open computing platform that delivers content and services to mobile users directly from the 4G Radio Access. Due to the cellular network architecture, it is has localization built –in.

This opens mobile networks to a world of new opportunities.