Saguna CODS Open API

Saguna CODS Open API

Saguna Networks provides optimization and monetization solutions for LTE networks that operate from the 4G Radio Access Network (RAN). In Q1 20014, we have released our Open-API solution, which enables mobile operators to easily integrate 3rd party content systems with our RAN-based acceleration & optimization platform.

The  3rd party systems we refer to are content providers, such as optimizers, CDNs or caching systems. The open API enables them to deliver content using Saguna CODS. This means that content that used to be served from the core network, is now delivered from the 4G radio access.

Why you should deliver content from the radio access.

By bringing content close to users (and in mobile networks the RAN is as close as you can get), you deliver a much faster and smoother user experience.  At the same time, the network traffic load is reduced, which saves costs. With the open API, mobile operators can improve the ROI of existing investments or partner with new content providers like CDNs to generate revenues and increase ARPU.

Here is how it works.

Start with a mobile network running Saguna CODS. Now, let’s integrate an optimizer that resides within the core network.

The first step would be to set this optimizer as one of CODS authorized providers. This is done once, and can be changed during run time.

In each session, the optimizer flags (by sending predefined information to the HTTP stream) that this content should be delivered from the 4G access – if it is available.

Saguna CODS checks if the content is available: If it is, the content is delivered directly from the 4G radio access. If it is not, the content is stored in the Saguna CODS RAN platform, and delivered from there. The next time that the same content is requested, it will be ready for delivery directly from the Saguna CODS RAN platform – faster.

The open API is an important step for us at Saguna. It means that we can now share the benefits of our platform with others. It also means that we are one step closer to closing the gap between the user experience in fixed and mobile networks. Naturally, I am very happy about this.

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