Let The Games Begin!

The use of mobile devices for viewing sports and entertainment is growing quickly, especially in the case of live events. During an event, multiple simultaneous requests for bandwidth intensive video streams chock the mobile network.

The World Cup 2014 is a great example.   Many mobile users are trying to access live streaming of the games. The delays and endless video re-buffering are bad for everyone – users, content providers and network operators – Everyone suffers from the bad viewing experience.

An IAB global survey reveals that 48% of smartphone-owning soccer fans in 11 markets surveyed plan to use their phones to follow the World Cup. Smartphones are second only to TV (63%) when it comes to media channels for keeping up with the game. The survey covered Australia, Brazil, China, Colombia, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the United States. Another survey quotes 60% intend to stream online, despite the fact that already at least one operator has experienced a big failure in providing the service.

Here at Saguna we LOVE football, and we love watching the games wherever we are, on our mobile devices offsite, and at the stadium. That’s why we created a new way to deliver content and live streams across mobile networks.

LTE World Summit

You are welcome to see our demo of how our solution optimizes video delivery at our booth in LTE World Summit, Booth 53.

Looking forward – Imagine sports fans walking into the stadium, getting commercial offer from the local vendors serving them, or being able to replay a football move they have just seen on the field – on their mobile screen.

To enable a new spectrum of mobile user experiences, Saguna partners with leading technology vendors creating a rich ecosystem. Our partnership with SpiderCloud enables us to operate Saguna CODS in a small cell environment and the typical mobile network.

By operating the Saguna CODS Open-RAN within the SpiderCloud E-RAN, mobile operators can deliver live events experience to mobile users in large venues or enterprises with a single stream of the live event from the E-RAN. Mobile users, trying to access the event are directed to the local feed source. And now, everybody wins: users enjoy a great live viewing user experience, content providers gain a broader audience and the mobile operators benefit from additional revenue streams without the network congestion.

To hear more about the Saguna offering and lucrative new services, you are invited to our presentation on June 25, at 2:40 PM, titled: “Use-cases: Monetizing Novel Services Delivered from the Open RAN-Cloud”.