AWS GreenGrass on MEC means new revenues for Mobile Operators

As AWS GreenGrass launch partners, we just announced Saguna’s support for AWS GreenGrass (read our press release here). Here is why we believe this is a ‘big deal’ for mobile operators and IoT application developers.AWS Green Grass on MEC with Saguna Open-RAN

Mobile Operators take part in the action

With AWS GreenGrass running on Saguna Open-RAN MEC platform, mobile operators can extend AWS cloud-computing to the edge of their mobile network. It transforms their role from bit-movers to active players in cloud-computing. It positions mobile operators as the new low-latency cloud platform; a critical factor for numerous, exciting IoT applications. Being a part of the cloud-computing value chain, also connects mobile operators with the forefront of application innovation and the latest market trends.

This is an opportunity waiting to be seized.

In our discussions with mobile operators about network evolution towards 5G, the need for use-cases that generate new revenue streams fast, was a key issue. AWS GreenGrass on MEC has a clear advantage here. This use case comes with an existing customer install base, a wide and active community of AWS application developers, and  the market space is growing. In addition, the integrated solution has already been demonstrated by Saguna at a mobile operator site.

IoT Application Developers get close to the action

AWS GreenGrass on MEC is also a game changer for many IoT developers. Today, Much of the data generated by IoT devices does not reach the cloud. Jon Turow, Principal Product Manager AWS IoT Device Services summarized the reasons in his 2016 presentation with three laws: Law of the Land, Law of Physics, and Law of Economics.

  • Law of the land: privacy regulations such as the ones required from healthcare facilities.
  • Law of physics: latency is constrained by the physical distance. That’s why ultra-fast response times requires physical or geographical proximity.
  • Law of economics: industrial IoT and heavy equipment can generate Giga Bytes data streams. Backhauling these volumes to the cloud may be too expensive.

MEC Cloudlets

MEC creates a distributed cloud-computing infrastructure, where local ‘cloudlets’ operate close to the IoT devices. This offers the locality and proximity required by the 3 Laws. Now, with the introduction of AWS GreenGrass on MEC, IoT applications can operate seamlessly across the AWS cloud and mobile edge using AWS server-less technology. Your Lambda functions can be executed natively at the Edge, Cloudfront or central cloud according to business and technical logic.

This is only the beginning

It will be exciting to see the potential of AWS GreenGrass on MEC unfold in the coming months.

To find out more about Saguna’s work with AWS GreenGrass, drop me a line at