Using 5G and Edge Computing to Optimize Crane Operations

When thinking about edge computing and 5G applications, we immediately think of cool AR navigation systems or smart homes and cities. But, for any city to exist, it must be built first, brick and mortar. The global construction industry constitutes 15% of the global GDP and is only set to grow in the future. It’s […]

The 4 Most Common Misconceptions About Edge Computing

Edge computing has generated quite a lot of buzz recently, with good reason. When implemented, edge computing reduces latency, improves data security, removes bandwidth pressure, and lowers the data transmission costs. In simple terms, edge computing brings the network, data storage, and computing closer to the end-user. It can have many applications and could completely […]

21st-century Smart Cities with 5G and Edge Computing

According to the United Nations, the urban population worldwide will reach 68% by 2050. With population density increasing, cities are presented with difficult infrastructural challenges such as security threats, crowd and traffic management, and operational efficacy. These problems could be resolved using smart city solutions and increased automatization and connection. Although some cities are becoming […]

How edge computing in hospitals is transforming patient care

Making patient data secure and readily available to drive better healthcare outcomes The availability of critical information and real-time data analysis is beneficial to every industry. But in the healthcare sector, these factors can quite literally mean the difference between life and death. Most computing work still happens in one-site data centers or in the […]

5 key features that make up the edge cloud

What goes into making a highly secure and ultra-responsive edge cloud environment? The past couple of decades have seen a huge shift from on-premises computing to the cloud. But while the convenience of being able to access key resources from anywhere is undeniable, cloud data centers aren’t without their limits. Edge cloud is a solution […]

Which wireless technology is best for edge computing?

Choosing the most suitable connection type to drive adoption of IoT and edge computing The development of ever-faster wireless data networks is one of the key enablers of Industry 4.0. Combined with new and emerging techs like edge computing and IoT, every industry sector faces radical transformation in the years ahead. We can now envisage […]

How edge computing is shaping the future of agriculture

Using edge computing to enable automated greenhouses, livestock management, and more Despite being one of the world’s critical industries, agriculture has traditionally been slower to innovate than most. But things are changing now that digitization is becoming more accessible and the sector starts to realize the benefits of process automation. Edge computing is one of […]

What does 5G and edge computing means for airports?

How 5G and edge computing are helping airports tackle the biggest challenges of the day Airports have always faced enormous challenges when it comes to security and crowd control. Today, there’s a new threat they have to contend with – the ongoing covid-19 pandemic. As countries start to reopen their borders following a decline in […]

Multi-access Edge Computing is redefining social gaming

Keeping players engaged during quarantine with edge computing-enabled social gaming. With much of the world’s population facing stay-at-home orders or recommendations in the wake of Covid-19, many industries need to rethink how they deliver value to their customers. One of the lesser-known casualties of the pandemic is social gaming, which uses augmented or virtual reality […]

A Platform for Mobile Edge Computing – White Paper from AWS, HPE & Saguna

What’s the “killer app”? A couple of years ago, this was a typical question in discussions about Mobile Edge Computing (MEC).  Today, things are changing. Edge Computing is gaining momentum across the industry with a proliferation of MEC use cases. Services targeted by MEC providers include initiatives like AT&T MEC AR, VR Test Zone,  Vodafone, AWS & Saguna’s […]