Saguna vEdge provides virtualized resources and a cloud services environment. It enables applications to operate at the edge, inside access networks, close to connected users and devices. To achieve this, Saguna Edge Cloud delivers crucial edge traffic services; connecting edge applications to their users’ traffic in the dynamic access network environment. The platform also promotes real-time visibility into network conditions, offering radio congestion and user location services. New services can be added by registered edge applications extending and adapting the edge ecosystem to market needs.

Designed for the Access Edge

Saguna vEdge is a powerful yet lean platform that delivers high performance in a small footprint. Designed for the edge, the platform features a highly integrated micro-services architecture and advanced data processing acceleration technologies.  Built in network routing, security and high availability ensuring protection, reliability and ultra-reliable low-latency communication (URLLC).

Saguna vEdge combines deployment flexibility and cost-effectiveness. The virtualized software package runs on standard hardware servers or within the NFV architecture. It supports multiple access technologies and can operate heterogeneous networks (HetNets) including 4G, 5G and WiFi.

Powerful Edge Platform

  • Software-based platform that runs on cost-effective, standard hardware.

  • Efficient network services including: IPSec, Routing, Switching and load-balancing.

  • High performance traffic engine that can be deployed in any access environment.

  • Flexible application ecosystem that can run virtual machine and containers. Support multiple application types: Local cloud Apps (AR, VR…), passive Tap (eg. vProbes), In-line (eg. Firewall)

  • Open architecture leveraging standardized APIs to simplify and accelerate development, integration and deployment.

Edge Cloud Services