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Saguna Open-RAN

Our Edge Cloud solution, Saguna Open-RAN, creates cloud-computing ‘cloudlets’ at the access network; close to end users and connected devices. It enables communication service providers (CSPs) to transform their networks into powerful cloud computing infrastructures.  Based on the Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) standard, Saguna Open-RAN makes it fast & simple to develop & deploy new Edge Applications for Internet-of-things (IoT), connected cars, drone control, content delivery, enterprises & more.

Saguna Open-RAN MEC Platform Network Diagram

Saguna Open-RAN features fully virtualized software architecture, which can be deployed within the network function virtualization (NFV) environment or on cost-effective commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) servers.

Saguna vEdge

Based on the Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) standard, Saguna vEdge creates an open cloud-computing environment designed to run Edge Applications. It boasts a powerful yet lean architecture with built in security, routing, scaling & load balancing.

Edge Traffic Engine

A powerful yet lightweight engine, the Traffic Offload Function (TOF) acts on highly granular filters to deliver traffic to and from edge applications.

The local DNS server and cache accelerates downloads and redirects relevant traffic to edge and breakout applications.

Automated scale out/in based on real-time application thresholds and load-balancing between multiple instances of an application.

The mobility service ensures MEC service continuity for users on the go.

Real-time Visibility

Radio Network Information Service (RNIS) enables resource management with real-time cell congestion and Radio Access Bearer information.

Indoor and outdoor user location promotes service personalization.

Saguna OMA

Saguna OMA (Open Management & Automation) promotes scalability by fully automating the ‘collective of cloudlets’ operation. It also supports integration with centralized orchestration & management systems.

Ecosystem Management

Virtual Network Function Manager (VNFM) provides local lifecycle management for the Saguna vEdge and Edge Applications.

Mobile Edge Platform Manager (MEPM) is a specialized MEC management module that registers new edge applications, configures traffic and DNS filters.

Health & performance monitoring of the vEdge Platform and Edge Applications.

The VNFM is also responsible for integrating with the OSS, orchestration, virtual infrastructure manager (VIM) and other NFV components.

Saguna vGate

Saguna vGate preserves core network functionality including charging and lawful interception (LI) for traffic generated by Edge Applications.

Core Network Integration

Call detailed records (CDR) compliant with 3GPP TDF-CDR can be generated per session to enable seamless integration with billing solutions.

Provide mandatory Lawful Interception (LI) for edge-generated data across X1 (Admin), X2 (IRI) and X3 (CC) interfaces.