Saguna OMA provides the management and automation for Saguna Edge Cloud. It promotes zero-touch operation of highly distributed edge cloud computing deployment and integration with centralized operations and orchestration systems.

Saguna OMA features an extensive feature set designed for the edge. This it integrates virtual network function management (VNFM), virtual infrastructure management (VIM), and multi-access edge platform management (MEPM) into a single, optimized edge cloud management solution. Using standard APIs, the solution provides lifecycle management (LCM), edge traffic configurations, resource allocation and monitoring.  It is also responsible for the edge application catalog, which contains a complete registry of edge applications and versions.

Saguna OMA diagram

Managing Edge Applications

  • Application onboarding uploading edge application packages to the application catalog for installation and upgrades.

  • Life Cycle Management for applications including advanced upgrade processes and automated scale in/out.

  • Application connectivity and priority management that supports service authorization, traffic rules and DNS configuration.

  • Application Load Balancing is used for scalability and upgrades with support for canary and A/B testing.

  • Monitoring of all edge resources and application liveliness status is provided by Saguna OMA ensuring real-time visibility across the edge cloud deployment.

  • Alerts can be triggered based on monitoring information.

  • System events can be generated in the case of alert/task state changes.

  • Tasks are created following an LCM action providing users with status information and the ability to debug.

  • REST APIs expose all Saguna OMA’s capabilities to users and centralized management systems.

  • Flexible application formats supported including VMs, bare metal, and containers.

  • Virtual Infrastructure Management (VIM) including compute, memory, storage and networks. Resources are allocated and released based on application life cycle actions.

  • Acceleration technologies are supported including GPU processing and CPU pinning.

Managing Edge Hosts

  • Automatic deployment of edge servers and Saguna vEdge platform.

  • Edge networks management including application’s private networks, external, management, services and local cloud network.

  • Private communications supported between the applications among themselves and with the Saguna vEdge.