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MEC Solutions for Application Developers

Do you want to improve your application’s mobile user experience? Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) may be just what you need to achieve this.

Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) puts today’s cloud computing capabilities inside the access network, as close as possible to users and connected IoT ‘things’. It creates an open “cloudlet” ecosystem, where services and applications can leverage the prime location to gain broadband delivery, ultra-low latency, radio network visibility, and scalablity.

Get Closer to Your Mobile Users with MEC 

Differentiate & monetize your service in: content delivery, real-time analytics, Augmented Reality (AR), industrial IoT, and more

Improve user experience dramatically with low latency, high bandwidth and real-time visibility into dynamic radio network congestion.

Increase user engagement by providing faster video start-time and smoother viewing without rebuffering. 

Leverage a fast growing industry trend and expanding MEC ecosystem, that adds value to today’s 4G networks and is essential to 5G

Partner with Us

Saguna, the MEC Pioneer, provides an easy to use interface into the most advanced, MEC platform available today.

Open platform – Offering easy to use API for 3rd party applications

Future proof – Standard-based, fully virtualized software platform

Seamless integration into mobile networks with built-in support for billing

Optimized delivery – based on real-time radio congestion


MEC Use Cases