Enterprise connectivity in the age of Industry 4.0

The explosion of IoT is driving innovative applications designed to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve security and safety. The deployment of such applications in industrial settings is the main enabler of the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), which is currently disrupting entire sectors of the economy, including manufacturing, energy, oil & gas, mining, logistics & transport, as well as large venues.

For modern enterprises, IoT is rapidly becoming a key element of their business strategy. However, these new technologies pose numerous connectivity challenges. To capitalize on the IoT promise, enterprises need secure, reliable, versatile and cost-effective connectivity solutions that offer low latency, high-performance and ensure data privacy. Connectivity must be provided across the entire facility; in-doors, out-doors, with deep wall penetration and support for mobile devices.

  • Support ultra reliable low latency communications (URLLC)

  • Secure sensitive data locally

  • Provide connectivity coverage outdoors and indoors

  • Lower power consumption for battery operated devices

  • High bandwidth data and video processing

  • Provide public network connectivity for employees and visitors

Saguna Hybrid Private Public Network (HPPN) Solution

Saguna offers a novel edge-computing solution for IIoT and Industry4.0 applications. The solution, called Hybrid Private-Public Network (HPPN), leverages the Saguna Edge Cloud to deliver private, local network functionality over the public LTE network. 

This standards-based, virtualized software solution combines the benefits of LTE networks, with simple-to-operate local network functionality in a cost-effective way. It enables enterprises to support their Industry 4.0 requirements including data volumes, bandwidth, device types, access to public networks, data privacy and more. The on-premise Edge Cloud provides a local 5G-ready, cloud computing environment for deploying new technologies and services. Saguna Edge Cloud  is simple and cost effective both to deploy and to manage, leading to affordable CAPEX and OPEX, lowering adoption barriers and promoting low-latency 5G ready connectivity for enterprises.

Provide a 5G-ready URLLC environment

Deploy a cost effective connectivity solution for enterprises

Ensure both data privacy and public network connectivity

Benefit from the full range of LTE technologies

Saguna HPPN

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Saguna Hybrid Private Public Network Solution

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