Mobile-CDN: Extending the reach of Content Delivery Networks

 Mobile networks are slower than fixed broadband networks. They are also more prone to congestion delays.

fixed - mobile networks performance gap

As you can see from the diagram above, Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are very effective in reducing the latency in fixed broadband networks, but in mobile networks, they cannot achieve the same results. Since CDNs operate from outside the mobile network, the round-trip-time (RTT) is long; from the client device to the core network and back. The underlying issue is that mobile networks are ‘centralistic’; all mobile traffic is channeled through the core network.

  Current approach to mobile data acceleration

There are many types of solutions addressing mobile acceleration. All the current acceleration solutions reside outside of the mobile network or within the core network. These solutions employ a wide range of technologies, such as video optimization based on transrating, pacing and/or shaping, TCP flow control and optimizations, content caching and more.

Problem is, all of these solutions suffer from the same inherent issue – their effectiveness is limited by the existing network latency. The latency gap combined with lack of visibility into the congestion status also means that utilizing these solutions does not allow making real-time adjustments in response to fluctuating network conditions.

 Closer is Faster

Saguna has taken a new and innovative approach to accelerating content delivery in mobile networks. It is based on a simple concept – Closer is Faster. The Saguna CODS Open-RAN platform operates inside the 4G mobile base station (eNodeB).

Saguna CDN-Extend

Providing content from the Radio Access Network is only one aspect. What happens to the local connection when a mobile user moves? How will the charging, lawful interception, policy control and other core functions operate on locally served content?

Saguna CODS nodes in the core network and the radio access network ensure transparency to the core network and mobile device. With Saguna CODS all of the Mobile Network functionality including user mobility and core network functions are preserved.

However, Saguna CODS is much more than ‘just’ a mobile data acceleration solution. It creates new revenue generation opportunities for mobile operators by hosting 3rd party server-side applications on the Open-RAN platform.

 CDN-Extend & Benefits for mobile operators

CDN-Extend is the latest addition to Saguna CODS. It is a big step forward towards an Open-RAN platform enabling any server-side application to run inside the RAN. CDN-Extend enables 3rd party CDNs to operate inside the mobile base station, send and receive data inside the mobile network, and receive real-time radio congestion status to optimize delivery.

The benefits of utilizing CDN-Extend for mobile operators include :

 User experience – CDN providers can now provide a true broadband user experience to mobile users. By serving content directly from the mobile base station, the round-trip-time is minimized, which increases the effective bandwidth and response times.

Monetization – Bringing CDNs deep into the network opens a new class of CDN services specifically for mobile users. Now mobile operators can partner with CDN providers to offer premium delivery services the combine localization with a high quality of experience.

Cost savings – By serving content and application directly from the Radio Access Network, Saguna CODS reduces the transport network and backhaul traffic. In addition, video delivery optimization based on real-time congestion data can significantly improve radio utilization.

Extending the reach of CDNs, opens up a new world of opportunities for operators, while introducing a superb user experience for mobile network users.  To learn more about these opportunities, you are welcome to contact us, or meet us at the next industry event and watch a demo of how it all works. For additional information about Saguna’s solutions email us at