Mobile Edge Computing - Internet of Things - Tactile Internet60. Is the number of companies who are now members in the ETSI group standardizing Mobile Edge Computing (MEC). That number alone says a lot about the strong position of MEC, and what we can expect to see as 2016 unfolds.
As more member companies join ETSI, MEC moves from the initial architecture and definitions phase to the next phase, where commercial standards and first versions released to the market. We feel pretty confident to predict that during 2016 we will see increasing numbers of MEC trials and initial deployments towards the end of the year.

For us at Saguna, these developments are great news. As a Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) pioneer, we have worked hard to bring applications, variety of Internet services and new IT vendors into the RAN (Radio Access Network), as close as possible to mobile users. Today, the Saguna Open-RAN is the most advanced MEC platform in the market. Moving forward we will continue to partner with equipment vendors, system integrators and mobile operators to deliver on the MEC promise.

 MEC: What is it good for?

When we started to explore MEC, our first applications centered on accelerating content and video delivery. Since then, mobile operators have raised a large spectrum of application in varied domains including: cyber security, virtual network probes, Internet of Things, Tactile Internet and more.

Here are a few examples

Cyber security

29 Sep 2015 – 650,000 Chinese smartphones used to launch ad network DDoS attack.

The number of DDOS attacks in mobile network is on the rise and they are taking a heavy financial toll. According to Arbor research 2014 report, 36% of mobile operators are experiencing DDOS attacks against their networks or end-users.

The distributed edge-computing infrastructure created by MEC can provide a powerful defense against DDOS attacks. By operating localized Cyber-Security MEC applications, mobile operators establish a wide security perimeter; one that stops attacks far away from mission-critical EPC and Core Network elements

 Virtual probes

Network probes are deployed to provide a view into the network and traffic status. They collect performance data such as packet loss, jitter, specific app functionality, analytics and more.

Today, a wide variety of network probes are deployed throughout the network. Supporting, maintaining and upgrading this plethora, not to mention deploying a new type of probe, is an expensive endeavor.

MEC offers a distributed computing infrastructure deployed at the radio access network (RAN) a crucial intersection deep inside the mobile network. This enables the virtualization of network probes (vProbes). By transitioning from proprietary platforms to virtualized software nodes, network probes can be easily deployed, upgraded and equipped with new functionality as new services are added to the network.  The MEC Server promotes effective vProbe operation with a highly granular Traffic Offload Function (TOF) that steers only the right packets to each vProbe.


The Internet of Things is a favorite use case for us at Saguna. With billions of connected “things” sending vast volumes of real time data messages, IOT presents a huge scalability challenge for mobile networks.

MEC adapts the centralized architecture of current mobile network infrastructure into a flexible a distributed architecture. It enables mobile operators to create a seamless infrastructure that stretches from the cloud-based backend application to the IoT Gateway deployed at the edge of the mobile network.

This approach allows the mobile network to tailor resources according to the specific IoT applications needs.    It can provide scalable connectivity leveraging localized data aggregation and pre-processing for metering and sensor-based applications that need to connect large numbers of “things”. . Or offer ultra-low response time for real time applications such as vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) and security drone control.

Where can you see it next

As 2016 unfolds, the possibilities of MEC will become realities. If you’d like to get a feel into what’s expected, you’re invited to stop by our booth in Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month. We are excited to present exciting MEC use cases including augmented e-commerce.

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