Provide your Subscribers with a Superior User Experience

Ultimate User Experience

MNO operators – are your subscribers enjoying a great user experience?  You know what they’re looking for:

  • Video without re-buffering
  • Super-fast gaming
  • Instant searches

High data rates are important, but the end goal is to reduce Round Trip Time (RTT), right?  Saguna can help you reduce RTT and ensure the highest quality-of-experience for your clients.

Saguna's solution brings mobile web applications close to the user and accelerates web services. Content is provided from the RAN, using local cache storage, significantly reducing RTT.  Saguna moves DNS caching to the network edge, thus reducing the RTT associated with protocol handshaking.

Using Saguna's solution transforms the Radio Access Network (RAN) into a smart, application-aware RAN.  Leveraged monitoring and analytic capabilities improve bandwidth utilization and allow the operator to deliver and prioritize the content from the RAN in a better and more efficient way, reducing network response time, and optimizing the user experience.