Increasing Mobile Network Revenues

New Ways to Profit

Increase MNO revenues by running new, revenue-generating applications in the RAN on Saguna's open platform.

Saguna introduces new monetization horizons for operators with its transparent, open architecture that supports new, easily-integrated OTT applications on the RAN.

The proposed solution enables you to handle data/applications directly from the RAN network edge, while mobile core issues such as billing, lawful interception, encryptions, and handovers are fully supported, providing an optimal platform for new, over-the-top services.

Saguna's low-RTT solution enables the use of innovative data applications – maps, location-based services, online payments, and streaming – without affecting the user experience.  Operators can concentrate on new monetization possibilities, and on developing new business models with partners such as application developers and CDNs. 

Saguna’s RAN-centric cloud computing solution can be extended to the switches that aggregate base station traffic, further expanding the possibility of revenue-generating partnerships with switch providers.