Improving mobile network economics

Deliver More for Less

MNO network costs, which are swelling due to the exploding demand for mobile data, pose an unprecedented challenge to operators and endanger their profitability.

Do the operators really need to chase after bandwidth growth by paying more and more for infrastructure upgrades?

Saguna's RAN-centric cloud caching solution helps MNOs to significantly reduce network costs.

Saguna’s content caching solution reduces peak backhaul traffic volumes. Popular content is cached locally at the network edge and need only be downloaded once over the backhaul. This allows MNOs to use a lower bandwidth backhaul connection, and since backhaul pricing is primarily based on channel bandwidth, they thereby reduce costs.

The improved performance and reduced round-trip time (RTT) resulting from content and DNS caching ensure customer satisfaction and keep subscriber acquisition and retention costs (SAC/SRC) down.