Saguna Open-RAN Brochure

Saguna Open-RAN is an MEC platform that creates an open ecosystem and long-term growth engine inside the mobile Radio Access Network (RAN), in close proximity to mobile users. The ETSI MEC standard-based solution enables mobile operators to quickly and effectively deploy new revenue generating services for Internet-of-things (IoT), Tactile Internet, virtual probes, content delivery and enterprise applications.

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Saguna Open-RAN - Chinese version

Saguna 开放式无线接入网络,能在临近手机用户的距离,由移动的无线接入网络(RAN)中创造出开放式生态系统及长期成长引擎。基于欧洲电信标准协会MEC 标准基础的解决方案,能使移动运营商快速、有效率地部署全新的获利服务,包含内容投放,物联网的连通,零售与企业级应用等等。

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Saguna & Intel White Paper: Using Mobile Edge Computing to Improve Mobile Network Performance and Profitability

Mobile edge computing (MEC) helps mobile network operators to improve profit margins by raising the top line, profitability, and reducing the bottom line, network costs. It is a European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)* standard that is backed by leading communications service providers and other industry participants, including both Intel and Saguna.

Saguna’s Open-RAN is a software-based MEC solution. The fully virtualized platform provides an open, vendor-agnostic environment for running third-party MEC applications. It brings IT cloud computing into the mobile RAN operating in close proximity to mobile users enabling services and applications to benefit from ultra-low latency and high bandwidth delivery. Saguna Open-RAN, running on Intel technology, is the ideal platform for MNOs looking to implement MEC in their mobile network. With this MEC platform, MNOs can improve user experience, reduce the cost of data delivery, offer new revenue generating services, and expand to new markets like IoT.

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ADLINK and Saguna joint MEC solution brief

MEC Solution for Extreme Outdoor Environments – ADLINK and Saguna

Saguna and ADLINK integrated MEC solution addresses the market need for rugged, outdoor deployments. The joint solution is comprised of Saguna Open-RAN, an advanced and fully virtualized MEC platform, operating on ADLINK’s rugged SETO-1000 extreme outdoor server platform designed for extreme conditions. The joint solution is compact, cost-effective and 
easy-to-install. By co-locating the MEC infrastructure with existing network real estate, mobile operators can reduce costs while delivering new services and improving network performance.

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